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Always On Call serves funeral homes across the United States.

Hundreds of fellow funeral directors throughout the United States and Canada entrust the fine staff at Always On Call to be an extension of their funeral home when they are unable to answer their telephone personally. In fact, Always On Call is the ELITE choice for funeral directors, representing over 85% of the funeral homes in just New Hampshire alone! Our dedication to funeral directors and their families by providing caring, compassionate communications has set a precedent of quality in the industry!

Always On Call is one of the only answering services both OWNED & OPERATED by a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. Gerald R. Brosseau, CEO, is a graduate of Miami-Dade College, a former college professor of funeral service, a restorative artist, eye enucleator, and now a member of the Executive Board of the New Hampshire Funeral Directors' Association. As a fifth generation funeral director, his ancestry dates back to the 1800's in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Gerald is currently licensed in Florida and New Hampshire.

Always On Call is proud to host the Executive Board of the New Hampshire Funeral Directors' Association.

Sincerely, "Always On Call!"

Either Gerald or a licensed funeral director from our advisory board is available to you and your firm 24 hours a day, every day, in the event you are unable to be reached. You and your families can be reassured the funeral arrangements and details are being handled promptly and professionally with our continuity of service. Further details may be followed to your specifications, including dispatching removal teams or trade services.

Funeral Director Training

Gerald R. Brosseau, CEO is responsible for training employees in funeral service with respect to proper telephone etiquette, professional funeral terminology, embalming and restorative art, religious and funeral practices, death and dying, and dealing with grieving families. Hands on demonstrations and visual representations are performed on-site, while practical experience is taught at local funeral homes. Whenever possible, employees work funeral services, visiting hours, removals, and perform other clerical duties within the funeral home. Employees regularly attend the NHFDA continuing education seminars. All individuals are trained with a specific level of understanding with respect to accuracy, sensitivity, confidentiality, and efficiency when handling calls.

Our Tele-receptionists pride themselves in providing your callers with information such as obituary information, detailed directions, florist information, area hotels, restaurants, etc. These details are always provided by a live person, never a recording!

AOC "Funeral Director Advisory Board"

The Always On Call Funeral Director Advisory Board was developed in 2006 to discuss how Always On Call can better serve the funeral industry with respect to changing trends by continually improving telecommunications technology and employee training. Comprised of funeral directors and the administrative team, the board serves the purpose of mutual education to improve quality and continuity. It was because of this distinguished panel that Always On Call designed and built our new facility!

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