Will Always On Call represent my company?

Always On Call provides comprehensive telephone answering service 24 hours a day, every day, both locally and nationwide to a variety of industries and business professionals, including the following:
  • Property Management, Apartment Buildings, Storage Rentals
  • Hotels, Condominium Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, and Ski Resorts
  • Property Maintenance, Landscaping, Plowing, and Cleaning Services
  • Excavation, Construction, Roofing, and Contracting Companies
  • Towing, Roadside Assistance, & Emergency Dispatching
  • Medical, Veterinary, and Dental Practices (HIPAA Compliant!)
  • Home Healthcare, Hospice, Guardianship, and Mental Health Organizations
  • City/Town Maintenance Crews – Road, Sewage, and Water Departments
  • Law Firms, Attorneys, and Local/State Government Agencies
  • Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Septic Tank Installation and Pumping Services
  • Propane, Oil, and Home Heating Companies
  • Plumbing, Heating, & Electrical Contractors
  • Numerous Other Business Professionals

What types of services does Always On Call provide?

Local & Nationwide Telephone Answering Services:
  • 24 Hour Personalized "Tele-receptionist" Services
  • Compliant with HIPAA Confidentiality for Medical Practices
  • Local or Toll Free Call-Forward Numbers
  • Caller ID Available on Most Inbound Calls
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Telephony System
  • Monthly Billing, Not Every 28 Days!
  • Same Day Setup for Most Clients
  • Emergency Dispatching
Accurate Message Dispatching as YOU DIRECT!
  • Text Message, PDA, and Alphanumeric or Digital Pager
  • Web Enabled Access – (Messages/On-Call Schedules)
  • E-Mail & Fax Message Delivery
  • Verbal Message Delivery
Call Patching and Conferencing
  • Expecting an important call? Allow us to transfer calls directly to you!
Customized Message Solutions
  • All information is provided to your callers as you direct, including directions, hours of operation, and any other further details you require.
  • Scripted messaging is available to ensure pertinent questions are asked in various situations. Based on the situation, the call is then dispatched to you according to your specifications.
Remote / Overflow Receptionist Services
  • Why pay a secretary to answer the phone when Always On Call is at your service? Imagine the savings in payroll, taxes, insurance and never having to worry about call outs, sick days, vacations, and overtime!
Alarm Monitoring Services
  • Power Failure or Critical Systems Alarms
  • Temperature Sensitive Alarms
  • Burglar & Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Elevator Telephones & Alarms
  • Fuel/Water Level Alarms
Voice Mail / Automated Services
  • Voice Mail with Tele-receptionist for Priority Calls & Emergency Dispatching
  • Voice Mail Scripting for Screening Calls or Employment Hotlines
  • Triage calls to Departments, Personnel, or Voice Mail Boxes
  • Check-in, Auto Alert, and E-mail of Voice Messages
  • Wake-up Service
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"Thank you and your company for answering our phone so well throughout the years!"
Rodney Sayles, LFD