Our Technology

Always On Call utilizes a state-of-the-art telephony system, the "Amtelco Infinity", which is enclosed in an on-site self contained telecommunications server room.
Data Backup
All computer systems are backed up utilizing a network of internal servers with mirrored "hot swappable" RAID hard drives and power supplies. Measures are taken daily to insure redundancy of data and the security of confidential and proprietary information. The entire network is protected by a firewall and an antivirus server.
Backup Power Source
Our new facility has been designed to be an ATSI 24/7 Gold Site, which includes a UPS battery backup systems and an automatic natural gas standby generator system enable us to continue operations even in the event power failures or natural disasters.
Backup Data & Voice Connections
We maintain both backup data and voice connections in addition to our T1 lines.
Backup/Remote Office
Utilizing some amazing technology, our facility can route calls between offices for redundancy. Should our facility need to be evacuated for a fire drill or chemical spill, call traffic can be sent to our remote site which also has an automatic generator system and backup telephony system.
Emergency Support Team
Always On Call maintains service contracts with our equipment vendors for 24/7 onsite support. This also includes the latest releases of the most advanced telecommunications software available to our staff. Information technology specialists and administrative staff can remotely login 24/7 for diagnostic maintenance.
Backup/Spare Equipment
Always On Call has thousands of dollars in backup telephony boards, power supplies, and hard drives to ensure continuity of service.

We strive to provide the highest quality of service possible and continually maintain a 99.99% uptime on our system. An owner or member of the administrative team is not just on-call, but ON-SITE at all times. Our Concord office and equipment are continuously monitored to keep equipment and software upgraded to the latest technologies.


As a HIPAA compliant communications center, we emphasize confidentiality of information at all levels.
  • All equipment and data is stored in a sealed equipment room with access that is restricted to administrative staff only.
  • Our entire facility is monitored via a video and audio system that is viewed both on and off site by management personnel.
  • Employees are provided access to the facility by an electronic locking system. Guests and applicants must be escorted at all times.
  • All employees must agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement upon commencing employment.
  • Separate operations room with restricted access to ensure confidentiality.
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"You have done a fantastic job. We deal with other people's answering services and they are lousy. Your people are very professional. I am very happy with my answering service."
Nancy Mukerjee of Dr. Anil Mukerjee's Office - Littleton, NH