Tele-Receptionist Training

Since our inception, our goal has been to provide a service that complements your business. With intense screening and a rigorous training program, you can be assured that our staff is competent to represent your firm just as if you hired them to sit in your own office. As a family owned and operated company, we understand your specific needs. It is our goal to be an extension of your office and maintain continuity so that callers are not put off by phrases like, "This is just their answering service!"

The more information you provide about your business, the better the service we can afford. If you have product or service information that is beneficial, we can easy offer this information to your callers as needed. We encourage collective training by you and your staff in our conference/interactive training room or with on-site visits. This enables our staff to truly represent you firm in the best capacity possible. Our professionally trained Tele-receptionists are required to follow your custom instructions precisely and are held accountable for their actions and performance. Frequent statistical and random call recording analyses ensure our Tele-receptionists deliver the quality work you demand.

Our training program is considered the first 90 days of employment, referred to as the "introductory period". While test scores, background checks, and overall competency are a large factor when hiring, employees must express care and compassion from day one. After an intense screening and testing program to be considered for employment, new employees are put through a strict training program. Prior to handling any calls, employees are trained on industry specific call handling methods and proper telephone etiquette. After successful completion and certification, they will advance to sit with a training supervisor who will be responsible for both training and evaluating performance throughout the introductory period. Tele-receptionists are categorized by qualification and skill level as they become more proficient to ensure your calls are answered by an individual trained for your business. Additional industry specific training is performed in our intensive education room. This often includes educational presentations by funeral directors, doctors or nurses, clergy, and other business professionals.

Industry Specific Training: Funeral Homes

Gerald R. Brosseau, CEO is responsible for training employees on funeral service with respect to proper telephone etiquette, professional funeral terminology, embalming and restorative art, religious and funeral practices, death and dying, and dealing with grieving families. Hands on demonstrations and visual representations are performed on-site, while practical experience is taught at local funeral homes. Whenever possible, employees work funeral services, visiting hours, removals, and perform other clerical duties within the funeral home. Employees regularly attend the NHFDA continuing education seminars. All individuals are trained with a specific level of understanding with respect to accuracy, sensitivity, confidentiality, and efficiency.

Let the professional staff of Always On Call represent your business today and experience the difference of dedicated, caring professionals!

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